Willem Photographic is now publishing the second half of the Lydia portfolio. The first 15 color portfolios have sold and the second 15 are being produced in black and white. A few years ago, Willem Photographic published the Chrissy Portfolio, a collection of 16 black & white images of model Chrissy Blair, photographed by Dominic Petruzzi in Southern California. There were 30 sets of the Chrissy Portfolio, and it completely sold out, as did Willem’s second portfolio. It is fairly uncommon that any photographer's portfolios "sell out". Most (probably all!) of Brett Weston's portfolios never sold out. And more recently, Jock Sturges, a famous photographer whose work is highly collectable, published his "Standing on Water" Portfolio in 1991 (27 years ago), and it still is not sold out. It's not easy, especially at high-dollar-per-image prices. Willem Photographic has just completed the second half (15 portfolios, with all images in black and white) of its third portfolio, entitled "The Lydia Portfolio" (subtitled "Our Summer In Europe") by Kate Moore, an accomplished, "rising star" fashion photographer who recently photographed a new clothing line for Abercrombie & Fitch. The subject, Lydia, a fashion model in Europe, had never before been photographed nude. Because she and Kate are good friends, the two of them decided to take a European "holiday" together, during which Kate photographed Lydia in Ireland, Croatia, Italy, the Isle of Capri and in the Mediterranean and Adriatic seas. All 20 black and white images were printed by master printer (and photographer) Ryujie Douglas at the Willem Photographic Studio in Monterey, California. The 16x20 archival pigment prints are on Fine Art 250-pound/15 mil Museo Max 100% cotton rag paper, and each one is signed by the photographer. Each of the 15 black and white portfolios is in a protective, uniquely-designed clamshell case. The price of The Lydia Portfolio is $2,500 (a bargain at approximately $125 per print for the 20 images). The proceeds will be shared equally between the model and the photographer, so you would be helping them both with their careers.

Kate Moore

The Lydia Portfolio